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Industry sector: Conseil et expertise

Regions: Île-de-France

Contact: Etienne BODARD

Fonction : Associé

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Phone: +33(0)627441122

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Blue Star Strategies SAS is a consulting firm specialized in national and European public affairs, associated with the US consultancy Blue Star Strategies, LLC and oriented towards transatlantic relations.

Blue Star Strategies SAS provides corporate, government, and public affairs counsel and multi-stakeholder engagement strategies for public and private sector clients specifically with issues in Paris and in Brussels at the European Union. The office builds partnerships with senior policy and political decision-makers and helps global clients leverage a diverse range of stakeholders, including international multilateral organizations, civil society, and the media.

The firm has a solid experience in the maritime field, providing several members of the French Maritime Cluster with public affairs strategies.

Serving as a Transatlantic bridge, Blue Star Strategies SAS also supports European clients seeking policy engagement and market access strategies in the United States and across Latin America and the Caribbean, leveraging the firm’s current footprint in both regions.